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We Are Focused On Building Our Community And Highlighting Our Local Organizations

Community Resources

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Supporting Organizations That Build The Community And Make a Difference

Supporting agencies that are making a difference locally to help grow the community is one of the most important missions at Kelly Evans & Associates. Take a look at some of the organizations that we are working with, and agencies we have worked with in the past, to help make a difference and contribute toward our future success. Take a look at our most recent community project and get more details on how you can help support their cause.

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Helping You Navigate Your Way Through Real Estate By Answering Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions

California Real Estate law can be a challenge to understand if you are not a licensed Real Estate agent and/or if you are a newer real estate agent in the industry. Explore some of our posts below that answer our clients most frequently asked questions within Real Estate.

Local Community Events to Stay Ahead of the Fun & Updates in Your Area

We are committed to being your local expert on the community and upcoming events to enjoy.  Ventura County has a vibrant culture and colorful array of amazing art, musicians, local eateries, food trucks, and so much more. Take a look at the most recent upcoming events released to get more information on things to do in Los Angeles and Ventura County and get some well-deserved fun in the sun!

See Our Most Recent Real Estate Transactions in Your Local Selling Area

At Kelly Evans & Associates, we have the honor of working with some of the most amazing buyers and sellers in the area. Take a look at some of our most recent local real estate transactions to get more information on how we can help you accomplish your Real Estate goals. 

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Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.

Client Appreciation Activities & Events Throughout The Year

At Kelly Evans & Associates, we appreciate each and every one of you for choosing to work with our team and for continuing to refer your friends and family to Kelly Evans & Associates. As a small business in the area, your trust and referrals have helped us build our business and grow exponentially. To celebrate your trust in our team to get the job done, we hold several events throughout the year to get together and thank you for your contribution to the agency. Take a look at this years client appreciation gatherings, and sponsored agency events, to see some of the benefits of joining the Kelly  Evans & Associates family.

Do You Need Some Work Done On Your Home?
Take A Look At Some Of Our Preferred Vendors In The Area.

At Kelly Evans & Associates, we understand that purchasing a home is an investment that can carry many moving pieces for our clients. To help our clients navigate through the industry and find quality service providers, we have compiled a list of some of the vendors that have provided our clients with excellent service in the past.

Navigate Your Way Through Our Posts

Take a look at all of the information we have released into the community and get access to all of our local outreach efforts, community events, frequently asked questions, and real estate activity.  Looking for something specific? Use the search bar in the top right corner of the feed to search your category and find what you're looking for!

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